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From Shadows of Karl Wulf

I am not trying to write a ghost story but, whilst I tip my hat in tribute to the doubting mists of time, I personally, like many others, have experienced the unexplained which might be interpreted as supernatural; that sighting of a spectre or the thwarted drift of death after calamity. Such happenings evoke the onset of a probing process which pollutes one’s thoughts for evermore - the birth of a maverick mind - a riotous rebel to reason which questions the blind acceptance of inculcated evidence, an inquisitive insanity of the known. In other words it queries the thinking of those who once laid down the foundations of the accepted doctrines and beliefs which form the guidelines of our existence; they could be wrong. For instance, the Theory of Evolution which can’t explain the chicken and egg enigma, nor can it clarify where the first spark of life initiated, or indeed, where it drifts to on death. To the un-muddled mind of limited boundaries (a trust of ears and eyes only), a straight-thinker’s creed of acceptance ruled by computer-data and scientific theories is conservatively set in unquestioning stone; to he or she death is a closed door, the finale of one’s existence. To the maverick mind Earthly life is just a maggot, death the beautiful metamorphosis into the butterfly; life after life and the acceptance of a realm beyond that which we inhabit. So join me for a glimpse of what may await; that curious dominion reached into tentatively by the psychic and clairvoyant.

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